Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome, Friends!

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This isn't the end of the Frugal Fatty, just a transition to AC content rather than a blog. I have learned over the months that I do not have the time or fortitude to maintain a blog in a manner that blog readers really deserve - regular, scheduled updates that can be counted upon to always be there.

Instead, I'm more of a burst-writer - I tend to write in spurts, sometimes a lengthy piece in great detail, sometimes several smaller bits that are just wandering around my head.

I'm going to republish all of my original content on Associated Content, and you'll be able to see it all here along with all of my new content. I thank those of you who supported me and/or left comments - it meant a lot to know someone was reading my writings and (hopefully) gleaning useful information from it!
I'll post here with updates and links to my new content.
Thanks for reading!!

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